Ray’s for Today offers the rigorous and uncompromising content of the original Ray’s New Arithmetic series in an updated format. It recreates the classical teaching in an age-appropriate and contemporary manner while still keeping the emphasis on oral language, mental math, and math reasoning.

The lessons are designed along the stages of learning: exposure, practice, and mastery. The goal is to build a deep, yet practical understanding of math. Eight levels are planned for grades 1 through 8.

Each level includes a Student Text and the Instructor’s Manual (sold separately or as a set) Please note: the Instructor's Manual is necessary to teach the course.

Each book comes shrink-wrapped and three-hole punched. Customers have the option of using their own binder or they can purchase a binder from us (sold separately, order HBC# 130632, the 2-inch binder for the Student Book). The product cover can be slipped into the cover of the binder. This keeps costs down to make this one of the most affordable, full-fledged curriculums on the market. It also gives the parent/teacher several options for pulling out individual sheets for the daily lesson or giving the student his/her own notebook.

The Student Book contains the teaching presentation in conversational form. In the primary levels, the parent/teacher reads the lesson along with the child and guides the child’s use of the manipulatives and visuals.

The essential learning objectives for Level 3 are to: (1) master the arithmetic operations using the fact familes through story problems and number problems; (2) practice how place value works in our number system by adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers; and (3) learn place value through the hundred thousands. Students also practice telling time, the calendar, geometric shapes, using money, measurement, simple fractions, and graphs.

Ray's for Today Arithmetic Level 3 Student Book

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  • ISBN-10: 0880620897
    ISBN-13: 9780880620895
    Publisher: Mott Media
    Format: Loose Leaf
    Author: Lori Coeman, Joyce Bohn
    Grade: 3
    Topic:Mathematics - Elementary Arithmetic

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