These books are 3-hole punched to fit in any standard two inch 3-hole binder. Ray's For Today offers the rigorous and uncompromising content of the original Ray's New Arithmetic series in an updated format. It recreates the classical teaching in an age-appropriate and contemporary manner while still keeping the emphasis on oral language, mental math and math reasoning. Original Ray's books are not needed to use this program. The Student book contains the teaching presentation in conversational form. The Instructor's Manual provides instructions on how to present the course, background information, teaching resources and complete answers. The essential learning objectives for Level 6 are to be proficient at: working with numbers through the trillions, all four operations with whole numbers, fractions and decimals, converting fractions, decimals and percentages, measurement and time, powers of ten. Students will practice working with integers and ratios and be introduced to cancellation and exponents.  Level 6 is suggested for 6th grade arithmetic.

Ray's For Today Arithmetic Level 6 Instructor's Manual

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