These flash cards for Reading 1 are printed on 3.25x8.5 inch durable card stock. There are 121 cards that highlight irregular words (sight words) found in Readers 1A-1F. The word is printed on one side of the card as well as the lesson/reader from which it is drawn. On the backside of the card is a sentence with the word used in context.

<b>Please note: the cards for the 4th edition and the 3rd edition are exactly the same; they are interchangeable. The only difference is the cover card.</b>

Reading 1 - Service Word Cards

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  • ISBN-10: 1606821113
    ISBN-13: 9781606821114
    Publisher: BJU Press
    Edition: Fourth
    Format: Cards
    Grade 1
    Topic: Reading - Reading Skills and Comprehension

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