There are six readers in this set:
(1) Colors Glowing
(2) Feathers, Fins, and Fur
(3) Helping Hands
(4) A Day to Remember
(5) Heart the Music
(6) Treasures to Keep

The program revolves around these colorful readers designed to introduce students who have just learned how to read to stories, poems, plays, fiction, articles, and Bible stories. The readers incorporate phonics, English skills, sight words, and word families.

New words are introduced in sample sentences that provide context clues. Discussion questions and teaching tips help develop comprehension and reading thinking skills. Both oral and silent reading skills are developed. The student worktext  has colorful pages that expand the stories, reinforce phonics and comprehension, and encourage creativity.

Reading 1a-1f Student Readers

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  • ISBN-10: 1606821083
    ISBN-13: 9781606821084
    Publisher: BJU Press
    Edition: Fourth
    Format: Paperback Books
    Grade 1
    Topic: Reading - Reading Skills and Comprehension

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