This supplemental workbook can be used with any reading curriculum or “real book” approach to help students practice basic reading comprehension skills and develop more advanced thinking skills. The 35 lessons feature a 5-step exercise format: (1) basic, literal understanding questions; (2) author’s purpose, text structure, and language feature questions; (3) simple interpretive questions; (4) more in-depth interpretive and critical thinking questions; and (5) activities to extend the text through writing, listening, speaking, and viewing.

This structure means the workbook can be used in a variety of ways such as practice in basic reading comprehension, remediation, as a supplement to teach critical thinking, or as an enrichment program for advanced students. The lessons draw from a variety of genre or literature types, including essays, novels, letters, reviews, cartoons, poems, scripts, journals, short stories, advertisements, functional documents, and tables and charts.

Each lesson lists the text type used, the purpose, a brief outline of the basic structure of the piece under study, special features, and a list of cross-curriculum literacy links. Most pieces are one- to two-pages long, with the five sets of questions following. Answers are included in the back of the book.

Reading Comprehension Across the Genres - Gr. 6

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