This reading curriculum is designed for emerging readers who have already learned the sound/letter connections (phonics) and are able to read simple sentences. The program helps to build grade-level fluency and comprehension skills.

The hard cover, two-volume readers (six smaller volumes in 1st grade) offer a variety of genre, including both fiction and non-fiction, to teach students how to read for different purposes. There are six units that span six weeks each, and revolve around a Big Question that connects reading, vocabulary and writing skills. Comprehension and critical thinking questions are provided.

Each set includes the Student Readers, Teacher Resource DVD, Assessment Suite CD, and Guide on the Side. The Teacher Resource DVD contains activities and worksheets for each unit, teaching information, lesson plans, blank lesson planners for parents who want to individualize the program for their student, and vocabulary resources. The Guide on the Side is a teacher handbook that provides insight for teaching reading. The Assessment CD enables you to create, customize, and print tests.

There are five readers for the first grade level that begin with two to three sentences on each page and progress to a paragraph per page. Students begin with the Review Workbook that includes stories with one sentence per page, much like a picture book. The words are printed in larger type, with sight words highlighted. Skills likewise build from short vowel words to long vowel words, blends, and two-syllable words.

Reading Street 1 Set

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  • ISBN-10: 0328699373
    ISBN-13: 9780328699377
    Publisher:  Scott Foresman
    Format: Set, Hard Cover
    Age: 6, 7
    Grade: 1
    Topic: Reading, Language Arts

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