This DVD set is the official multimedia supplement to the Saxon Homeschool program. The set contains over 130 hours of course content including instruction for every part of every lesson, as well as complete solutions for every example problem, practice problem, problem set, and test problem. The first few discs contain the lessons while the last disk contains the test solutions.

The user-friendly DVD format offers students helpful navigation tools within a customized player and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.  The lessons have an audio voice-over that explains the lesson. The visuals appear on the screen as if they are being written on the chalkboard (although there is no hand). Since the program is designed to supplement the curriculum, it is recommended that the student have the separate student book.

Students review writing and using numbers through the millions, place value through the millions, comparing and ordering whole numbers, and arithmetic operations on whole numbers. Students practice arithmetic operations on fractions, percents, and decimals, as well as order of operations. Other topics include: fractional concepts, decimal concepts, squares and square roots, estimation, meaurement, geometric terms and constructions, data collection and representation, basic statistics, simple probability, and problem-solving skills.

PLEASE NOTE: The Saxon Teacher products are designed to go with the current edition of the grade level materials. They do not match older editions.

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Saxon Teacher - Math 4 Intermediate DVD

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  • ISBN-10: 0544253221
    ISBN-13: 9780544253223
    Publisher: Saxon
    Edition: First
    Format: DVD Video
    Grade: 4
    Topic: Mathematics - Elementary Arithmetic

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