This engaging, interactive social studies program combines basic knowledge of history, geography, and culture together to help students see the “big picture.” Scattered throughout the lessons are Essential Questions that guide the discovery process as students see how history and geography influence society.

Each grade level explores a historical time period, looking at components of economics, science and technology, geography, culture, citizenship, government, and national symbols. The lessons incorporate reading comprehension, contextual clues and reading thinking skills, grade-appropriate critical thinking skills, vocabulary, links to other subjects, research and writing skills, and action ideas.

The curriculum set includes the Student Textbook, Student Workbook, and Teacher’s Edition (or Teacher Resources CD-ROM). The Teacher’s Edition includes lesson plans, learning objectives, teaching tips, and answers.

The theme for this level is "Communities," and it covers the different typs of communities, moving to new communities, celebrating cultures, communities and resources, climate, and how physical features and technology affect communities.That last section of the text covers the economic and governmental aspects of communities.

Scott Foresman Social Studies Bundled Set Gr. 3

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    Age: 8, 9
    Grade: 3
    Topic: Social Studies, History, Geography

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