Young Truxton Pilcher roams the forest around the British colony of Williamsburg and delights in its birds.  He rescues them from danger, mends their broken wings, and draws their graceful shapes in the dust of the foundry where he must work.  Despite his brother's teasing, the songs of the birds run through his head, and he dreams of a different life.  Then great sorrow comes upon Truxton's family, and he has no thought for bird songs while his father is held unjustly in prison.  If only he could rescue Father!  But it seems that nothing less than a royal pardon can set Father free.


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  • ISBN-10: 1579242979
    ISBN-13: 9781579242978
    Publisher: Journey Forth
    Format: Paperback Book
    Author: Nancy Lohr
    Grade 9, 10, 11, 12
    Topic: Biblical Studies - Bible Study and Reference

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