This Teacher's Guide gives basic instructions for using the Spellwell 3rd grade program, as well as the answers for the student workbook questions.

This spelling series is available for grades 2-5, offering grade-level words that follow a particular spelling pattern. The word lists also included high-frequency sight words. The black-and-whte lessons focus on spelling rules and generalizations, using a variety of exercises such as rhyming, sorting, using affixes, bingo, and puzzles.

Spellwell Grade 3 Teacher's Guide - Books B & BB

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  • ISBN-10: 083882188X
    ISBN-13: 9780838821886
    Publisher: Educators Publishing Services (EPS)
    Format: Staple-bound booklet
    Page Count: 9
    Author: Nancy Hall
    Age: 8, 9
    Grade: 3
    Topic: Spelling

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