This timeline is a supplement to Christian Liberty's "Streams of Civilization" textbooks (volumes one and two). It offers several advantages:
1. It has been consciously developed from a Christian perspective. Significant weight is given to biblical and church history. There has been an attempt to bring Christian personalities and themes to the forefront whenever possible.
2. It focuses not only on significant events in history but also on the people who make history, seeking to give a capsule summary of their significance from a Christian point of view. It describes the impact these people have had on world history.
3. It has an interdisciplinary approach, focusing on more than just one or two aspects of history. It examines those who have played a leading role in the important political, scientific, intellectual, religious, and artistic trends in history. Also, it does not neglect the central role of biblical and church history in the development of civilization.

Streams of Civilization - Timeline 750 BC - 2000 AD

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