This series helps you diagnose where your student is at in terms of mastery of basic grade level skills. While the Student Practice Books are based on state and national standards, the skills are fairly general and can be used with a variety of curriculum. The workbooks contain reproducible assessment sheets as well as multiple worksheets for each skill to provide further practice. The assessments use the same format as standardized tests, which prepares students for taking these sorts of tests. A master skills list helps you identify key areas that need work. Scoring guidelines make evaluation simple and easy.

Math Operations and Problem-Solving covers the operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), estimating, determining problem-solving strategies, analyzing problems, using mathematical representation, and recognizing the reasonableness of solutions.

TestSMART Math Operations & Problem-Solving- Grade 6

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  • ISBN-10: 1570222479
    ISBN-13: 9781570222474
    Publisher: ECS Learning Systems
    Format: Paperback
    Page Count: 128
    Age:  11, 12
    Grade: 6
    Topic: Testing, Math, Arithmetic, Story Problems

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