Kate O'Connell decides that her widowed mother needs help as they struggle to survive in Minneapolis in 1906, so she prays with her pastor about getting her mother a new husband. But is Kate prepared to accept the way God answers her prayer? Becoming part of a Swedish family and moving to northwest Wisconsin, where she hears there are bears? Getting two new step-brothers instead of the sister she always wanted? What about the puzzling things that are happening around the farm? When danger threatens, will Kate be able to work through the conflicts she is having with her stepbrother, Anders, and learn to work together?

The Disappearing Stranger - Book 1

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  • ISBN-10: 088062275X
    ISBN-13: 9780880622752
    Publisher: Mott Media
    Format: Paperback Book
    Author: Lois Walfrid Johnson
    Grade: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
    Topic: Reading - Youth Fiction

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