This series is a reprint of the original books written by W.H. McGuffey and published in 1836. This is important since any series published after that date has been changed and “watered down” in terms of educational content and Christian values. McGuffey chose simple, yet instructive stories to teach children how to read, appreciate the beauty of the language, and develop godly character.

The four readers do NOT correspond to the first four grades, but rather are based on reading skill levels. For example, the first three books are to be used in early elementary grades. The Second Reader is generally used for upper elementary grades, the Third Reader for intermediate grades 7-9, and the Fourth Reader is an aggressive high school and college reader.

The Fourth Reader develops advanced vocabulary and thinking skills. It introduces some of the great American and English authors— Webster, Jefferson, Shakespeare, Johnson, Schiller and others. Students will read of Napoleon, Wilberforce, Jesus and the Apostle Paul. They will ponder death, good and evil, the Bible, eternity, duty, and God. Elocution helps are included. May be used at the high school level.

The Original McGuffey's Readers - Eclectic Fourth Reader

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  • ISBN-10: 0880620056
    ISBN-13: 9780880620055
    Publisher: Mott Media
    Format: Hardcover Book
    Author: William H McGuffey
    Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12
    Topic: Reading - Reading Skills and Comprehension