This book is designed to give parents, and other concerned adults a thorough understanding of how to minister to the hearts of children.

Jacob Abbott was born in Holloway, Maine on November 14, 1803, and died on October 31, 1874.  During his lifetime, Abbott received universal acclaim as an evangelical minister, educator, and author.  However, it was the gift of writing that provided Abbott with his greatest influence and fame.

As a writer of over 200 books, Abbott's great love was children's literature.  He was considered by many to be the foremost writer of juvenile literature during his time.  Historians describe Abbott as a kindly, devout man from Puritan ancestry who was gifted with a spirit of gentleness, simplicity, and industry.  In his modest way, he typified the Puritan heritage at its best.

This book is mostly comprised of choice selections of writing by Jacob Abbott on the subject of child training.  In an effort to make the writings of Abbott more practical and enjoyable to today's reader, this book was recomposed and updated; with changes being made by the reviser, Michael J. McHugh, for the sake of clarity and modern application.  He has been careful to leave the original intent of the author's writings intact during the process of revision and editorial activity.

Training Children in Godliness

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