This arithmetic series is a survey program that offers solid practice in basic math skills at each grade level. The workbook is in two-color, with guided practice, regular exercises, and mixed review pages. Both computational and problem-solving skills are covered.The answers are in the corresponding teacher's guide, sold separately. Level F covers: place value to billions, review of arithmetic operations, fractions, simplifying fractions, arithmetic operations on fractions, arithmetic operations on mixed numbers, review of decimals, arithmetic operation using decimals, customary and metric measurement, points/lines/planes, angles, congruence, perimeter and area, formulas, volume, and problem-solving.160 pp.


Working with Numbers - Level F - Student Workbook

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  • ISBN-10: 0739891618
    ISBN-13: 9780739891612
    Publisher: Harcourt Achieve
    Format: Paperback
    Age: 11, 12
    Grade: 6
    Topic: Math, Arithmetic

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