This teacher resource book provides guides and lesson ideas for special students in the English/Language Arts classroom, primarily students with learning disabilities or limited English proficiency.  These lesson ideas have been gathered from their original sources in the ERIC database.  Most can be adapted for home use, and most of the ideas can be used with any student who is having difficulty with schoolwork - they don't have to be labeled "disabled" or a student learning English as a second language to benefit.  

Topics include computer-assisted instruction, graphic organizers, instructional adaptation, learning strategies, reading skills, and writing instruction.  Each idea comes with a brief description, objective, procedures, a source note, and personal observations.  An Activities Chart summarizes the lessons across different skills so you can choose the appropriate material.

Working with Special Students in English

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  • ISBN-10: 0927516187
    ISBN-13: 9780927516181
    Publisher: Family Learning Association
    Format: Paperback
    Page Count: 71
    Author: Sharon Sorenson
    Topic: ESL, English, Special Needs Students