The Teacher’s Guide to the Handbook explains the key concept being taught in the lesson, the rationale behind the lesson, performance standards (how you know if the student has grasped the material), start-up activities (how to present the lesson), enrichment activities (to extend the lesson or offer more practice), and the resources used in the lesson. There is also additional information on how to teach writing, incorporating writing assignments across subjects, assessing or grading writing, tips on teaching reading, tips on teaching thinking and study skills, and mini-lessons to supplement the material.

The “Write on Track” program features the same student-friendly resources of the Write Source curriculum for younger students.  Recommended for grade 3, it introduces students to the basic skills of writing, thinking, and studying. The handbook, which serves as the student’s “textbook,” is divided into five sections: The Writing Process, Forms of Writing, Tools of Learning, Proofreader’s Guide (spelling, capitalization, and punctuation), and Student Almanac. Students can read it in sequence as with a textbook or they can skip around to the section that is needed most.

The graphic style and conversational manner makes this a viable resource for students who have trouble with traditional workbook formats. Examples are given from a variety of sources, including actual writing samples from students of the same age. This makes it possible for students to visualize the concept being taught. 252 pp.

Write on Track - Teacher's Guide to the Handbook (copyright 02)

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  • ISBN-10: 0669482226
    ISBN-13: 9780669482225
    Publisher: Great Source
    Edition: 2002 Copyright
    Format: Paperback
    Grade: 3
    Topic: Grammar, Language Arts, Writing, English