This handbook emphasizes the kinds of writing most often asked for in college courses. It is not a textbook in the normal sense of the word, but rather a reference tool. Students read the section, paying attention to the examples given and the explanations for which passages are strong and which are weak. There are no artificial writing prompts here. The student is expected to take the concepts learned and apply them to his or her own writing.

The book is divided into four sections. The first section reviews the writing process and traits of good writing before guiding the student through each stage of the writing process. Basic writing tips are given to improve sentences and paragraph construction before tacking the academic essay.

A resource section offers practical tips on understanding style in writing, writing terms and techniques, and designing one’s own writing. Different forms of writing are then analyzed in light of these tips, including personal, expository (reports), analytical, persuasive, literature, and business writing. A reference section provides detailed instructions for writing research papers and theses, including updates versions of MLA and APA documentation styles, using the Internet, and using the library. The last section of the book contains information and guidelines for speaking, thinking, test-taking, studying, and researching.

The publisher has designed the book for 11th and 12th graders, but most students will need to review this material before the 12th grade in order to be ready to write college entrance essays and handle the writing portions of college entrance exams.

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