This packet contains the tests for the course with the answers imprinted on them. The points for each question are also included for grading purposes.

This course provides expanded writing instruction for resumes, interviews, and essays.  Lessons briefly review previously learned grammar mechanics before covering new material such as subordination and reduction of clauses.  Grammar instruction is presented in context of actual literature examples. Principles of effective writing are featured with instruction in the writing process, descriptive essay, compare-contrast essay, monologue, dramatic scene, persuasive essay, extemporaneous essay, video report, college application essay, sonnet, research report, and analysis essay.  Study skills are also reviewed.

Writing and Grammar 12 Tests Answer Key (English 12)

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  • ISBN-10: 1606823841
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    Publisher: BJU Press
    Edition: Third
    Format: Misc Book
    Grade 12
    Topic:Writing/Language Arts - Grammar

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